Frequently Asked Questions


What Happens When I submit my Ring?

All the jewelers in the Carbon Club network are notified of your ring. They are then able to bid on your ring. We show you each bid in your app. 

Do My Orders expire?

Yes. If the order has been live for 1 week without any jeweler bids, we'll close the order and ask you to resubmit.

Can I sell my ring?

If you're selling your ring, simply set your price and photograph your diamond's certificate. We'll send you an email with further instructions. All rings that are sold to Carbon Club Jewelers are hand inspected. We'll connect you with a local jeweler to confirm authenticity before your diamond is sold. Once it's sold, we'll deposit the money directly into your account!

What happens when I find A jeweler I like?

The app will give you contact information for your jeweler. If you're satisfied with the jeweler's offer, go ahead and contact them to close the deal. We recommend jumping on the phone with them to introduce yourself.

are the jewelers vetted?

Yes. Carbon Club is selective when it comes to adding jewelers to the network. They are usually the best and most trustworthy jewelers in the city.